Nutrition For Life – 3 day course

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  Practical Patient Care & Healthy Personal Lifestyles 

In this 3 day seminar Dr Walker explores the nutritional needs of the patient, with an emphasis on pain control, soft tissue and joint healing and total health strategies.  By understanding how the body actually works, we can apply this knowledge to maximize our clinical outcomes.  This course covers basic topics such as the fundamentals of general cell physiology as it applies to clinical patient care, pain pathways and connective tissue inflammatory and regenerative pathways.  Dr Walker then goes deeper into health issues such as techniques to restore adrenal and hormonal function, to detoxify the body from cellular debris and heavy metals while supporting the natural detoxification systems of the body.  Finally, he explores various methods to balance body chemistry and determine individual needs.  The essentials of “Body Typing” are discussed to give greater specificity in recommending supplements, exercises and lifestyle changes for your patients, your families and for yourselves.  

Chirodontic's Nutrition For Life is an exceptional course for health practitioners, their partners and staff, at all levels of experience and understanding on the nutritional side of health and is, without doubt, the most exciting Nutritionally based seminar you’ll ever take

Course Outline:

Day 1

Day 2

  • The Fundamental Concepts of Health 

  • The Principles of Nutrition 

  • Making Healthy Cells & Tissues 

  • Detoxifying the System 

  • Using Nutrition in Patient & Personal Health Care 


  • Treating Asthma, Allergies & the Immune System 

  • Supporting Pain Control Pathways 

  • Understanding Fat & Cholesterol 

  • Balancing Adrenals & Other Hormones 


Day 3 

  • Exploring the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Using Autonomic Body Typing

  • Correcting Body Type Imbalances


Nutrition for Life is a course for all health practitioners interested in achieving better results for their patients, their families and themselves.  All are welcome.

Prerequisite: None, but it will change your life.